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We didn’t create skinny coffee, we perfected it!

We amped it with two clinically proven weight loss ingredients in a delicious dark roasted instant skinny coffee. Then we added a booster capsule for the ultimate pound-dropping, appetite-crushing, fat-burning and metabolism-maximizing combo. What do you have to lose? Well, let’s say plenty!

Skinny Joe Is Great ...

Boost Mood*

Crush Cravings*

Increase Mental Focus*

Stimulate Metabolism*

Suppress Appetite*

Block Carbs*

Inhibit Fat Absoption*

Elevate Energy*


Because Nothing Tastes Good as Skinny Feels.

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Get Your Skinny Joe Sample Now!

Body Fat decreased in 30 days!

"Day one of using Skinny Joe Duo, I experienced an additional increase in energy and mental focus with absolutely zero jitters."

Natalie D., Spokane, Washington

The Best Part of Waking Up is How I Look in the Mirror

"I lost 10 lbs in a little over 3 weeks!  I no longer need my 3 o'clock nap, and I'm taking my dog on more walks pr day.  Losing weight has never been this enjoyable!"

Debe B., Ojai, California

5 Pounds Gone in 4 Days While in Vacation Mode

"Tastiest, easiest and fastest way I've ever lost weight even while enjoying the food and drink I indulged in on vacation.  I can't believe how effective it is."

Tasha S., Hayden, Idaho

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